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With Instagram for Windows, you can restrict your computer with your Instagram app installed on your mobile device. it also allows you to apply for a number of special effects and share them with family friends on your social network – or through other social networks. This is a great alternative to Flickr with a wider audience of 800 million users and more compact user;

What can you do with Instagram? You take your pictures, add your filteryourself and post an Instagram app on Instagrams or via Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare or Tumblr.ViaCais Instagram that you can give and receive comments and comments about what you give or accept (function () {(‘ review-app-page-desktop ‘);});

Instagram has a Facebook style menu, where you can see all your uploaded photos, the people you follow, and even follow certain ones.houses and hashtags to see what’s happening in time real. If this is not enoughTo find what you are looking for, you can also search for pictures by a username, name, hashtag or location.

The best of Instagram is the filters that are included in the program. There are 27 subtraction (recently added by Lark, Reyes and Juno) with different colors, brightness and light. If you choose wisely, you can have great results. Now all of these filters can be modified using the photo editor (see What’s New), which is an extremely intuitiveunderstandable

Instagram also contains support for videos that allow you to shoot up to 15 seconds to capture it through the Instagram network. As with the pictures, you can choose from a number of effects that you can use to your videos to make it a great look

Instagram includes a feature for photo and video posts called Instagram Direct. It allows you to take photos and videos, and then share them with your Instagram friends. You can send messages via InstagramDirect up to a maximum of 15 contacts at a time. There is an incredible picture wizard. With this, you can update your pictures, adjusting aspects such as rigor, warmth and brightness. You can also adjust the strength of the filters. For example, if you want to change the 1977 filter, tap twice on top to make the display photo panel panel.

The service is easy to use, and if you have many friends on Instagram, this can be a more practical alternative tosend multimedia messages through other services, such as WhatsApp or Snapchat.

Tab “People” Instagram is “Explore” iFe you could find interesting people, as well as collections of collections with Instagram-selected images. You can also edit headlines and change your settings, as well as accelerate your search using predictive Instagram. The Instagram application is very easy to navigate. At bottom The interface includes icons that show different Instagram functions: feedpictures, search for photos / users, photos, newspapers (the latest web actions you have and those you follow) and profile locations. When looking at images in your profile, be able to display as a list or as a set of tiles for easy navigation.

The presentation of the pictures themselves on the feed is very clear, and each picture shows comments and comments. You can enjoy a picture or comment on it with one click on the icon. However, it’s a shame that images can not be openedin a full screen mode (you can only see them in the feed).

Using Instagram’s filters and retouching pictures is very simple. You can capture a picture through the app or select it from your phone, and then its live examples of what each effect will see on Instagram. With the Instagram app, you can easily request your photos fun and share them with your friends. Although you have to subscribe to share images, the possibilities of what you can make images are huge.

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