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ICloud is an Apple online storage service for Windows. It has a control panel that lets you manage your online content stored in your iCloud account and sync it with all kinds of Apple devices as well as your own;

(function() {(‘review-app-page-desktop’)}}; Synchronize information about all your devices

With iCloud for Windows, iOS users can update email, contacts, and calendars between their Apple devices and their computers.

The program offers options toSynchronize bookmarks in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome (Windows) with Safari on iOS and Mac.

ICloud will automatically transfer the image to be used directly from your computer. As well as changes when the image is added to the folderiCloud Photos (which are included in the file browser after iCloud is installed), they will be automatically synchronized with all Apple devices.

Finally, it is worth noting that there are different options for sharing photos and videos with others.Others can add photos, videos and photos of themselves;

Integration with Windows Explorer

Of course, you must have at least one Apple and Apple ID device to use iCloud. Software settings are very simple, only select the type of content you want to coordinate.

Then,Unless you want to change the interface options, everything is done in the ExplorerFitness that integrates with iCloud through two folders (iCloud Photos and iCloud Drive) in the application menu. Transfer files to iCloud, just drag and drop or copy and paste them to these;

It is useful to access information anywhere

ICloudIs very useful for synchronizing and downloading information on various devices. It is installed into a piece of cake and integrates with windows Windows makes it easier to handle files;

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