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Psycho 1960


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Psycho 1960

The Phoenix Secretary signed $ 40,000 from his employer, a flight occurred and was checked into an isolated motel, run by a young man under the authority of his mother.


Alfred Hitchcock Author:

Joseph Stefano (scriptwriter), Robert Bloch (by novel) star:

Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, Vera Miles | Phoenix Marion Crane officer tired of being treated alive. You have to palyubovnikaSem he at lunch treffenund they can’t get married because Sam has to give most of itmoney to maintain. Marion was entrusted to them trying to make $ 40,000 on Friday. Marion saw an opportunity to take money and start a new life, leave town and go to California, Sam’s shop. After a long, tired and stormy journey, he left the highway, heading to The Bates Motel. This motel is located in the quiet young man named Normanvyhad who seems to be dominated by his mother.

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